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Protect your property with the best Eco-friendly waterproofing and insulation systems by Nex-Gen Waterproofing and Insulation Solutions. Our quality and top of the line products and methods always leave our customers satisfied with the end product, as well as the service they receive from our trained technicians along the way.
Our Services
Offering Peace of Mind
Our aim is to pursue total peace of mind for our customers through education, comprehensive solutions, and our wealth of experience using our patented eco-friendly new generation products/solutions with the added benefit of artistic designs.
Personalised Service
With Nex-Gen Waterproofing and Insulation Solutions we offer personalised service that caters to your needs, and it is clear to us that this is what customers want most with two-thirds of our business coming in via word-of-mouth from our satisfied customers.
Consulting with Professionals
In order to make sure our products are top of the line, here at Nex-Gen we consult with professionals like renowned Architect Jan Mendini, the inventor of wall patterns (both exterior and interior) and desirable artistic finishes, in order to become specialists in new generation waterproofing and thermal systems.
Trusted Across Australia and NZ
Nex-Gen Waterproofing and Insulation Solutions is growing to become the trusted Waterproofing and Thermal Insulation company in Australia and New Zealand for residential and commercial properties. We are not a franchise, but a standalone company established in 2000, and we continue to grow our business one satisfied customer at a time, across these countries.
Quality Tested Products
We know our products are built to last as we make sure of this before we begin to use them. At our factory in South Korea all our products are made and thoroughly tested by the Korean Fire-Proof Institute and Korea Conformity Laboratories, including, The Korea Institute of Science and Technology.
Long-Term Solutions
At Nex-Gen have tried and tested our products and know they are of the highest quality. We are committed to providing long-term solutions for all of the Nex-Gen customers, and back this up with our extended 10-Year warranties.
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