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There is nothing worse than having a leaky building caused by a breakdown in the existing bonded waterproofing system on the rooftop, affecting the integrity of your building.

With Nex-Gen Waterproofing and Insulation Solutions this problem can be solved. Our team of experts will identify all problem areas and any deterioration, and then come up with the right solutions for you. Detailed below are some common problems that property owners face, and how we prevent it or deal with it at Nex-Gen.
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Preventing Concrete Cancer
The best cure for concrete cancer is preventing the issue entirely, and there are things you can do to help avoid the problem getting worse. Waterproofing failure in buildings comes at a huge cost and the extent of damage is often extreme
What is Concrete Cancer?
Concrete is reinforced with reinforcing steel used as rods in concrete which supports concrete because of its poor tensile strength. When exposed to the elements this metal can corrode forcing the concrete to crack. Because of the nature of the corrosion where the cracks further expose the steel to the elements, speeding up the level of corrosion, this is termed ‘concrete cancer’.
Spotting the Signs
The tell-tale signs of concrete cancer can be spotted if you know what to look for. These signs include the breaking down of any existing waterproofing membrane, cracking or crumbling concrete, rusts stains that come out of the concrete, concrete render starting to bubble, and roof leaks or leaks in internal walls.
Preventing the Issue
The best cure for concrete cancer is preventing the issue entirely through waterproofing and thermal insulation solutions. New generation patented Trysummer eco-friendly waterproofing and thermal insulation solutions will make water leakage a thing of the past due to its resistance to tears and punctures and how it allows the structure to move underneath without influencing the product. Our Eco-friendly waterproofing products are also guaranteed to have a long life and can cope with testing weather conditions.
Preparing for Waterproofing
Thorough preparation of the surface is vital before we can apply our waterproofing system. We remove all loose, broken down bonded waterproofing membranes, and fix any standing water issues, internal leaks, or ponding on concrete rooftops. We then make sure all drainage points are operating as designed and apply our solution with its unique layer barrier system which will preserve the integrity of the building for many years.
High Rise Buildings
We have witnessed in recent times the collapse of buildings, wall cladding falling off, wild weather, earth tremors and its effects, etc. Our patented Art-fashion Waterproofing Remodeling laminated systems holds buildings together. Its wrap-around effect prevents walls buckling or wall cladding falling off. With excellent fire-resistance rating, it makes complete sense.
We can also convert your existing rooftop into a rooftop garden using our Eco-friendly waterproofing system.
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